Rarely do you get a quality, affordable boot with great styling. HorsePower was developed to combat other boot brands that were knocking off our Anderson Bean styles at a lower price point. We make AB boots, so if anyone has the wisdom and authority to develop a more affordable boot inspired by AB style, then it should be US, right?

We took our vision for HorsePower to our partner factory in Leon, Mexico. Leon is known as the footwear capital of the world, and we have deep ties with our boot production partners south of the border. That's another reason why we can deliver a better quality boot than the rest in the entry/mid-level price range.

HorsePower boots are better because we use top quality full-grain cowhide leather on the foot and shaft. Then we apply classic designs, inspired by Anderson Bean and built off AB's same square toe lasts. Finally, we dial up and apply the unique HorsePower styling to deliver a solid boot with cool style that's affordable. That's it. That's why – pound for pound – HorsePower is a great all-around casual boot.